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IAED believes in an empowered and prosperous Namibia. Together we will see Vision 2030.
The vision for IAED is to see Namibia thrive as a hub of entrepreneurial talent in southern Africa, in alignment with the Government of Namibia’s Vision 2030. IAED's mission is to reduce barriers to learning development and to increase the value Namibia's community sectors. By offering practical skills-based training in business, self-employment and information technology, IAED will empower entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.


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Mukishi Pontianus

Chief Executive Officer

I am a business professional and leader in education with five years of experience in sales and marketing, including business management, leadership, retail management, client service and accounting. I have a passion for helping Namibia prosper as a nation.

Cedar Wolf

Multimedia Specialist

I am a multimedia specialist with over ten years experience in videography, photography, graphic design and marketing. I am based in the United States but I fell in love with Namibia while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Kavango Region.

Siteketa Veina

Admission Counselor

I am here to help you learn about IAED and begin your process of career advancement. Please feel free to contact me with your questions.

Makando Olian


I believe in the future development of Namibia. I want to help you develop the business skills you need to become an entrepreneur.


Institute of Accounting & Economic Development

The Institute of Accounting and Economic Development marks you as a financially proficient economic development leader. By selecting IAED you are captivating the first ladders towards a vigorous and rewarding career. As an economic development qualification it prepares you with the abilities to work across all functions in an organisation and to manage and develop a business. Renowned nationally as a potent economic development qualification, it is a recognized path to high accomplishment, and will open doors throughout your career.


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IAED helped us to start our businesses.

Divundu Entrepreneurs

I learned retail sales through IAED.

Rundu Customer Service

IAED is helping me realize my vision.

Peacock Sewing


Rundu Town
Kavango Region, Namibia
+264 81 859 7929


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